Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pajamas of my Youth

When I was younger, I didn't wear traditional pajamas. My grandmothers bought me long, pink gowns in an effort to put me in feminine pajamas, but the girly stuff always ended up in the bottom of a drawer or the back of my closet. Mom and Dad never complained. As long as I wasn't running around naked, I could wear whatever I wanted to bed (and I doubt they'd have cared if I was naked in my own bed anyway).

What did I wear? I wore big t-shirts. Dad-sized t-shirts. One shirt came from a NASCAR race at Sears Point, the only race my parents ever made it to see. The shirt had Kyle Petty's car and number all over it, the MelloYello ugly-ass green color splashed across the white fabric. I wore that shirt out.

I wore t-shirts with all sorts of designs and patterns on them, from generic logos to funny sayings. Sometimes, I'd get shirts my own size, but they never slept quite as well as a Dad-sized t-shirt.

My parents always laughed at me when they saw me sitting on the couch, my knees tucked up to my chin, my big t-shirt drawn down over my legs so that only my arms, feet, and head poked out of the cottony warmth. I loved to be in that position. Even right now, at my age, I'm curled up in my desk chair, chin on my knees, my arms extended past my legs to the keyboard. My shirt isn't big enough to pull over my legs, otherwise, I might still do that too.

I remember other shirts, too, that I turned into pajamas. Several times, when it was cold and a long t-shirt wasn't enough, I'd find myself wrapped in one of Dad's big flannel shirts. I could button them up to hold my legs in close to my chest, and I'd slip the ends of the long arm sleeves over the ends of my toes. Of course, this made me quite vulnerable to any tickling... :)

Not that I'm ticklish, no, not at all. Never. Un uhn. Not me. No way.

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elle said...

Great blog! I recently stumbled upon it via the infamous NEXT BLOG button which is rather risky at times :)
I admire the fact that you did the 100 things list, a feat I attempted on my old blog once upon a time. I faltered at 79. I too appreciate random questions. Todays post made me smile because I too was given girly p.j's...which I promptly abandoned for my brothers hockey jerseys!