Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Slush Fund Ends!

I had an opportunity to pay off the last of my "slush fund" last month--the last of the money I owed my parents for the car insurance and cell phone they paid for me while I was in college. Once I moved back home, they stipulated that I couldn't move out again until I paid them back. My goal was to have them paid by April 1, and I could have done it... but I took another month and dumped some money into my savings account instead.

Blog readers, I have fantastic news: I am OFFICIALLY paid up. I owe my parents $0.00.

And that is an amazing feeling.

If only my student loans looked that good...

I think this little event justifies a trip to the craft store, or maybe even a night on the town with Emily tomorrow night, complete with dancing. Hehehe, that doesn't sound very adventurous... what would YOU do to celebrate achieving a huge goal?

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Auntie said...

Jaggy, be thankful the parental-units aren't the type to charge rent!