Thursday, May 17, 2007

What a Crappy Week

I've had a bad week, and I'm pretty depressed right now.

Work is going pretty well, aside from being made to feel young or stupid every day. I do my best to get the job done right the first time, but mistakes happen, especially when I'm still learning a ton of stuff. Every day brings something new, and I like that--don't get me wrong--but I'd like to be able to work with something and fully understand it before moving on. *sigh* I'm still an idealist...

I haven't sat down to a piano in weeks, perhaps months. Between work, dancing, and updating this monster of a blog, I rarely have time anymore. I wish I had more talent... my passion is waning.

Dancing recently has been a ton of fun. I learned a new style of Lindy Hop last night, and that was a neat thing to experience, but my heart is still in Savoy Lindy. Even though I know it's not the case, a little tiny part of me dislikes the fact that the really good leads never ask me to dance... as if I'm not good enough. I realize I'm not great, but I don't totally suck. *sigh* more depressed.

And I learned this week that one of the residents I befriended while working in the retirement facility passed away earlier this month. She always looked gloomy until she saw me in the morning, and then a bright smile and "Hellooo, good morning dear!" would widen her face. I kept her stocked in strawberry jam, and she was always good for a hug. I'm going to miss her.

Short of winning the lottery or another big prize, I can't really think of a way this week is going to get better. I'm just praying it doesn't get any worse--because it definitely could.


Ian Oberst said...

Hm...well, can't say I like the idea of contributing to crappy weeks. I hereby resolve to ask you to dance Lindy more often.

Jaggy said...

Awww, how could I resist your smooth leads and awesome Lindy style? I'd love to dance with you. :)