Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dear Jeff

To a great friend on this, your graduation day:

While no words will ever quite summarize how incredibly lucky I feel to have you in my life, to have had these last three years as your friend, I'm going to try to get them out.

Do you remember our first date? It seems like ages ago that we sat together watching movies until the early morning, inches apart, yet both too scared to make a move. The girls found us sitting there while the DVD player's screensaver floated on the TV screen. I wasn't scared because I was afraid you'd push me away, but because I knew you were someone special, and I didn't want to screw anything up.

You were the first person I allowed close to my heart. No matter how stupid I sounded or how dorky and clumsy I acted, you saw through and loved me regardless of those flaws. You never laughed at me, only with me, encouraging me with your smile, and making me laugh at myself too.

I know our relationship didn't work out in the end, but I know I'm thankful that it happened. I'm thankful for every moment I've had with you, for the adventures and lunches, for the crazy nights you rescued me from my roommates, and for the thousands of hugs. Without a doubt, you give the best hugs a person could ask for.

Today, as you celebrate the end of school, the end of two decades of learning, please know that I'm with you. When, in the next couple weeks, you move away and begin a new life up north, know that I'm forever thinking two things: first, please don't blow the nuclear reactor up... that's not a good way to start your career. And second, how much I'm going to miss having you here with me.

It is my greatest honor to have you as a friend. Jeff, I'm so proud of you, today and always.

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Anonymous said...

awww... i think i'm gonna cry. that was very sweet.