Saturday, June 09, 2007

Leopard Etching

I intended to write today, to blog out a bunch of important things. For some reason, the words were not coming up. I grew frustrated and sought other forms of solitary emotional release today. Few things ground me and allow me to open up as much as being creative.

The pastor of the youth group I attended my senior year in high school once told me that I had a gift for "art prayer." He somehow understood that my connection to the world around me is through creating and experiencing it with my hands. When I'm working on an art project, be it origami or painting or stained glass or any of the other multitude of crafts I've tried, I'm constantly engaged in thought. Creating is my self-prescribed therapy when I'm down and my release when I'm joyful.

The etching of the leopard took several months, mostly because I worked really hard in it one day and didn't remember it until a few weeks ago. The package contained one black slate, one carving tool, and some basic instructions. I did have a pattern (that you should be able to see if you click on the picture - I'm bad at staying inside the lines).

I didn't intend for this blog to be a "craft blog," but because creating is integral to my sanity, I will occasionally share some of the cool stuff I do.

One other thing that brought me great pleasure today was sitting down at my piano with some new sheet music, the musical score from the Broadway play Rent. The music is unusual, and I can actually play some of it already. Not often do I find music that my fingers wrap around the first week (or year). I've despaired over my piano skills for several months, and new music seems to have re-sparked my oldest love.

My question now is, "now what do I do?!" *looks out window* Hehehe, I'm going to go jump in the puddles.


elle said...

What an absolutely beautiful etching!

Jeff said...

That is incredible.