Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More Photos from the OSU Campus

Women's Building Veranda:
a favorite place to wait with a book, or a cozy place for fresh air during long, hot dances.

"Mix and Match"
Door handles inside the Women's Building, northwest end

"Up or Down?"
Ramps inside the Women's Building
(also, a pain to walk down in dance heels)

Strand Agriculture Hall
(my first campus job was in this building, and the building is one of my favorites)

Milam Hall

Batcheller Hall

"The Bricks," a popular spot for vendors and tent villages during fairs, along the east side of the MU Quad


elle said...

What a pretty campus! I was there once upon a time when my best friend from highschool's husband...(how convoluted was that?)was doing his grad studies there and I stopped by to visit them. It reminds me of the campus I attended in Washington state back when I was young and foolish.
Oregon is just such a lovely place...almost as pretty as B.C.! :)

crallspace said...

Wow... you're a great photographer! Those are all really nice shots.

Jaggy said...

Thanks to both of you for the thoughtful compliments. Even with the amount of pride I carry with my own photography, I'm humbled each and every time someone notices it. Not just sayin' that either: your comments kept me smiling all day. :)