Friday, June 15, 2007

My Eyes DO Change Color

I've been mulling over a blog post about my eyes. Don't run away yet, I know you're already bored. How could my eyes possibly be blog-worthy, you ask? Well, they're... they... um... they're GREEN. Not like a pale pea-soup green, but a crazed-leprechaun-on-astroturf-GREEN.

Okay, they're only intensely green half of the time due to my green contacts. The contacts are a complement to my sometimes reddish hair. Most people think colored contacts have a clear center so that the wearer can see through the lens. My contacts are transparent green all the way across the lens, so I look through a green filter. Everything I see is tinted slightly green. It's pretty weird to get used to, and those green exit signs are obnoxious through green lenses, but the stares and comments I get in stores and restaurants are worth it. "Is that your natural eye color?" people ask me. I suppose I could lie or retort with a smart one-liner, but I've always been honest. The green contacts are a lot of fun to wear (plus they keep me from running into as many walls, parked cars, etc.).

The other half of the time I wear clear, plain, normal contacts. They don't seem as exciting. I've always identified with green-eyed people, and my natural honey-yellow color doesn't do anything for me. I have a hard time wearing make-up to accent the light hues and not make my dark hair look fake. And not surprisingly, I have never been the type of girl to pick up magazines for tips and tricks to bring out my natural eye color. When it comes to fashion and making myself look pretty, I'm anything but an expert.

But recently, I've been experimenting with eye shadows and eye liner and matching them to that honey-yellow eye color. I should probably turn in my boobs or something when I say I didn't know what eye liner was until last year... but they're attached... and that might hurt. Anyway, I've been playing around and found something I thought worked really well. I have enjoyed my natural eye color more lately than my green contacts (yay!).

Today, after my friends left me for better pursuits, I was sitting in Kelley Engineering Center listening to an 8-year-old girl play the piano. She was a bit awkward on the difficult songs, but she's already a better pianist than I'll ever be. Her mother was sitting there encouraging her in Chinese. The girl suddenly stopped playing and looked at me. She had this look of great surprise and elation, and to be quiet honest, it kinda freaked me out. She unabashedly came close to my face. She gestured to her mother, and in broken English said to me, "You have pretty eyes. Light, not dark like mine." I smiled and thanked her. How sweet!

It felt so good to hear something nice said about me. Friends assume they don't have to say anything, and family is always the first to point out something wrong. I'm not mad or anything that people don't pay me compliments or tell me I'm pretty--I'd internally disagree with them anyway. That little girl really made me smile.

Then, later, I was talking with Mom, telling her about my fruity adventure this afternoon (my virgin Jamba Juice experience), when she interrupted me in mid-sentence to say, "I don't like your eye make-up. Your eyes look weird, and you look stupid."

Talk about a mood killer. Thanks, Mom.


elle said...

Honey coloured. I like that description! My eyes are a weird greenish yellow shade too. A colour I associate with a crazed cougar peering through the night, or baby poop. (nasty)

There is nothing like a compliment from a child. They are so sincere. So I hope let her words be the ones that you remember at the end of the day!

Anonymous said...

that was cool that a little girl took the time to mention that. little kids are so honest (most of the time) and a compliment from one can mean the world.

unfortunately, mom has not tact. i'm sure it was just that she wasn't used to it and it caught her off guard.

but hey, the way i wear my make-up... no one ever says yay or nay, so i could just be walking around looking silly and i'd never know... cause what matters to me is how *I* think i look.