Friday, June 01, 2007

Running Off at the Mouth

Ever feel like you need a mute button on yourself? I do. My "no more talking" feature must not have been included in the packaging when I was made.

I've been hanging out with some different people lately, a nice and welcome change to solitude. Of course, I'm still close with my good friends, but a change of pace can be inspiring too. Unfortunately, I'm still a social freak, and I wonder if my true personality shines through the dorky comments and off-beat randomness.

Even worse, I'm really a quiet person. I'm not loud or obnoxious very often. But sometimes... my mouth... doesn't know when to stop. And the questions I ask drive even me nuts, so I know they're causing everyone else anguish.

I'm contemplative, reserved, funny, and really sweet. And I'm frustrated with myself that those pieces of me are so often covered up by the brash, weird, dorky girl exploding with my voice and mannerisms.

This post won't stay at the top of my blog forever, but part of me thinks I ought to come with such a disclaimer. I'm really not a freak. Second chance? Third chance? grrrrrrrr

At least no one can say I'm normal or boring. So there.


Areson said...

Yes...a mute button would be nice at times, but I think we all feel like that.

Jaggy said...

Perhaps you are correct, areson. Thanks for the comment!