Sunday, September 09, 2007

Clearly, Opposites Attract

On one side, I'm the sweet and innocent friend that hasn't done so much as look slyly at a man. On the other side, I'm the heathen temptress. Ironically, neither of these stances is close to correct.

Last night, I spent some quality time with some friends I haven't seen in a while. These friends are the loud, drinking type, and as much as I adore them, they're the antithesis of my dancing friends. The gathering was nice, complete with a baked salmon (that I ate and liked), salads of various kinds, some odd-looking quiche thingies, and beer. Mind you, they're beer snobs and were drinking some good beer. But, as always, I was the only one not drinking. Lots of laughter, some picking on Jaggy... I still can't bring myself to understand that imitation and joking about someone is a form of flattery. Being the "sweet, innocent, naïve" girl isn't very much fun. I only stuck around long enough to talk to Rachel and Jeff, and I count the high point of my night at the very end with a big Jeff Hug.

I'm really not the spoil-sport they make me out to be. I'm not innocent. The night before, my parents were teasing me because I'd... perhaps... maybe... consumed a bit too much alcohol. I didn't really drink that much: I had one drink with dinner and one during the movie--within about half an hour. Oooh, Smirnoff Ice is good stuff (yeah, I found something I actually like, which means I can't ever drink it again). The first one didn't do anything, which surprised me. The second bottle, though... whee!! I wasn't drunk, but I wasn't about to get up from the recliner. Good stuff, that Smirnoff Ice.

But then there are the other friends that consider anything outside their small, cliquey, church-oriented lives utter debauchery. Dating before marriage is unlikely for them, and I'm pretty sure some of them think kissing leads to babies.

How on earth did I end up in the middle? I'm pulled between my liberal friends and the conservative ones, between the quiet farm kids and the big city yuppies. I have gay friends and homophobic friends. I have friends who dance and other friends who believe dancing is communicating with the devil.

What is it about me that attracts people from such diverse backgrounds? Am I sending out a signal that helps people know that I'm not likely to judge them for their beliefs? Am I doing something in the way I approach people that scares away everything but the two extremes? How did this happen?

I don't mind having friends on either side of the spectrum. I like being able to bounce ideas off the different sides and see what kind of responses I get. At the same time, I don't always know where I fit in. I'm comfortable with me, but I'm never sure whether the opposing sides of me are comfortable with one another.

It's just weird.


David said...

Of course the conservative ones are more likely to be hiding the "dark secrets" and really eye-brow-raising lives. I know few "conservatives" who are, in fact, truly conservative when the shades are drawn; meaning that I know from some personal experience *cough* Sometime I'll share a story or two from my romantic life.

Jaggy said...

You know, I've learned that. My "rebellious" friends have less to hide than the conservative ones in many cases.

Facebook or MySpace message me a story, please! :)