Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's Finally Happening!

I signed the lease, friends. This long-awaited event passed quietly in the apartment complex's front office this afternoon, and they handed me the keys to my very own unit. I couldn't be happier! or more scared...

The list of things I need to buy is growing by the second. The list of people willing to help me move is also growing--thanks to everyone! I'll try to get my stuff boxed up tomorrow night and Friday night so I can move everything this weekend.

Tonight, I spent an hour inside the apartment measuring, drawing floor plans, trying to figure out where to put things I don't yet have... lots of dreams, and maybe a tear or two. I am nearly in shock that this is finally happening.

On a quick side note, I danced a fantastic Cha cha with a nice guy tonight. I haven't danced with him in months, and I've forgotten how much fun his leads are. That dance was great! If only my WCS looked that good. :( And I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get to Lindy Hop yet again. Maybe I'll make the transition to Latin dancing. ;)

I'll do my best to keep bloggy updated in the next couple days, but if I'm without Internet service, I might not get to post. Please bear with me in this transition: I promise I'll be back with lots of stories about moving adventures!

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WHIT-O-RONI said...

you know, i could help you out... i am studying interior design... and stuff!!! :P