Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mayonnaise is the Devil

I don't use mayonnaise. Period. I don't put it on my sandwiches, and I don't use it in those funky "salads." I can't stand it. The smell, the taste... *shudder*

Apparently this little fact makes me weird. What about tuna sandwiches, you ask? Surely I use mayo for tuna sandwiches, right? Oh no! I don't eat tuna sandwiches. I will eat shredded turkey sandwiches from that canned turkey stuff, but it is well-drained, and no, I do not use mayonnaise.

I don't eat flavored mayonnaise. I don't dip things into mayonnaise. I don't even like salad dressing all that well. Ranch is the only kind I tolerate, and only then in super small quantities.

My friends don't understand. My family thinks I'm crazy. Their opinions change nothing. I don't eat mayonnaise, and you can't make me.

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Amanda said...

Preach it! I got a little grossed out just imagining all the uses of mayo as you listed them - I can't stand the stuff!