Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Motion Pictures, kind of...

I've been experimenting with my camera lately to capture motion. Some attempts have been successful, and others have been disastrous. In the end, I've learned a lot more about my camera (including how well it tolerates dropping into grass), and I am enjoying new old shots in new ways.The first picture (left) is of my kusudama project. I set the exposure time to 2 seconds and turned the camera sharply four or five times. The result looks pretty neat, not exactly like the original, but still... something different.

The second picture (right) is one of my parents' whirligigs in the backyard. They have a bee and a turtle each riding a bicycle, and we like to joke that the two are racing. Sometimes the wheels spin so fast that they fly off. Luckily, the wind picked up just as I snapped this picture on a 1/30 second exposure. Go, bee, go!

Lastly, the flowers. These stupid flowers are more fun than you might expect. Not pictured is the yellow flower. Some animal attacked the yellow flower one night, tearing a leaf and part of a petal to bits and pulling the flower off it's stake. The purple and red flowers, however, remain without a scratch. The flowers get to movin' pretty fast sometimes, and like the bee and turtle, parts are known to fly off with too much wind. The red flower seems to move more freely than the purple, so I tried to get a picture where the red one was spinning and the other was stationary. This one is also on a 1/30 second exposure. Not sure if it worked, but I had fun trying. Hopefully I can continue this experiment on living subjects soon.

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