Thursday, September 27, 2007

Moving, Day 1

moving, Moving, MOVING! I grabbed as many boxes of stuff as I could this morning in fifteen minutes to fill my trunk and back seat of my car before I headed to work. Luckily, much of my stuff is still in the boxes I moved it in when I moved home, so it didn't take long at all. I went to work like normal, but left at noon to take care of some much-needed moving in business. I unloaded my car, went to pull some teeth at Comcast, and acquired renter's insurance. My evening included filling more boxes with even more stuff, putting the boxes in my car, and preparing for a very long day tomorrow.

I expected Comcast to be much worse than they were to me. I only need to pay for Internet as cable is included in my rent. Thankfully, because the apartment complex gets their cable through Comcast, my Internet fees are less as I am "a cable subscriber." I even got a good deal (shocking, I know) for six months. They handed me my self-install kit and sent me on my merry little way in under twenty minutes. PLUS! they're not going to charge for service until the 1st of October, so I get the weekend free. :)

Renter's insurance didn't turn out to be so exciting. I snagged a couple quick quotes over the phone before going to see the insurance company with which my car is insured. My mom told me to talk to a specific person there. Unless you grew up in Albany, or know people that did, you have no concept of what I'm about to explain. This woman went to West Albany with my aunts. It's not that she grew up in Albany, but she attended West Albany. She knows my parents. She's on a first-name basis with my grandparents. She works with my best friend's aunt. Believe me when I say, this woman knows my entire life's story. She was very nice and did give me a great quote--much less expensive with better coverage than anywhere else. It was a looooong two hours though, sitting in the bank with her. Oy, as much as I love Albany, there is a distinct reason I am not wanting to live there.

Tonight is the fourteenth season premiere of ER. If you call or IM between 10-11pm, be warned: I will not respond. Unless the house is burning down around me, I am unavailable.

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