Saturday, September 29, 2007

Moving, Day 2

I'm exhausted, and this is only the second day of moving. My thighs hurt from climbing stairs. My back hurts because I am horrible at proper lifting techniques. My head feels like a tornado spun through it with all the thinking and planning I've done. And I haven't even moved the big stuff yet.

Last night, I packed a full trunk and back seat of stuff to take with me to Corvallis on my regular trip to work. My sister graciously accompanied me on my lunch hour over to the apartment to unload. We each took five or six trips back and forth and had the job done in no time. I worked a full day today before returning to my parents' house to start another load. My car was packed, and Dad and I filled the bed of his truck with my bookcases and books, two storage barrels full of stuff, and other odds and ends we stuffed in corners. Mom helped us on the trip this evening. Having Dad's truck sure does make the job go faster! He carries bigger loads up and down the stairs, too, which is nice.

After unpacking the second load, we went to dinner. In case anyone was wondering, this moving thing sure does work up an appetite. We went into Albany to Target and Fred Meyer. Target's selection wasn't what I was hoping it would be... we didn't spend much there. Mom paid for some bathroom things (shower curtains are handy to have), and I scored some T-Fal pots and pans at Fred Meyer. If anybody touches my super-cool 3-qt saucepan, I'm going to beat them with the 2-qt saucepan. That is a promise.

I found some great checklists for apartment stuff at Bed, Bath, and Beyond's website. They've helped a ton in organizing my kitchen. Mom and I went through her kitchen tonight, and she generously donated to my pile. I have all sorts of mismatched wonderfulness now. :)

Tomorrow will come very soon, as it's already tomorrow, but I need to sleep before it's really tomorrow. The computers go with my bed, so I might be away from the blog for a day or two. I'll do my best to get things up and working soon. But now, it's time for bed.

My last night in my parents' house... my very last night.

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