Saturday, September 29, 2007

Moving, Day 3 (a.k.a. "Are we done yet?")

I have too much stuff. The day dawned too early, and Dad and I had all of my furniture, electronics, clothes, and bedding packed and on the road by 10:30am. We were unpacked by noon. Granted, we were throwing boxes wherever, but the big stuff is down for good. My back is a ball of knots, and my hands cannot grip anything anymore. I can't feel my feet.

After my last trip of the day around 5:00pm, about six hours ago, I accomplished a ton:
  • Kitchen unpacked (mostly), but pieces are scattered everywhere
  • First load of glasses and tableware (thanks Jenny, for helping me!)
  • Load of laundry
  • Bed assembled and made
  • Desk assembled and organized
  • Computer set up
  • Internet connected (twenty minutes on hold with Comcast)
  • Cable TV (computer) in bedroom hooked up
  • Bathroom showerhead re-plumbed and changed
  • Shower and counter deep-cleaned
  • Bathroom completely unpacked and organized
  • Shower curtains attached, shower rod moved higher (a two-man job, for sure)
  • Food shopping to last until I can actually go stock my kitchen properly
  • Bedroom closet organized
  • Dinner
  • Shower
  • Blog

I am exhausted. But I'm very excited that there was no break in blogging with this move. How's that for hardcore? Tomorrow's plans include tackling the kitchen war zone, the living room bookcases, entertainment center, and linen closet. I need to get some dishes still, and hopefully a vacuum and proper food.

As for housewarming gifts, I truly don't expect or need anything. However, if you feel the overwhelming urge to purchase something on my behalf, PLEASE do not buy me candles or plants. Although I've never had a Chia pet...

So tired. Gotta sleep.

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