Sunday, September 30, 2007

Moving, Day 4

Less driving, more unpacking. Today went well, and I feel like I accomplished a ton, but I still have miles to go toward finishing the unpacking. It's hard for me to believe that one week ago, I had not yet signed a lease. Now, I'm sitting in my bedroom which is entirely furnished, though still undecorated. What a weekend!

Between 7:00am and 9:00pm, I:
  • Emptied the kitchen cabinets
  • Scrubbed the insides and shelves of every cabinet, plus the doors
  • Washed three HUGE loads of dishes by hand
  • Organized my kitchen
  • Broke down most of the boxes
  • Visited with a friend who came over to check out my apartment
  • Unloaded the linen closet and reorganized it
  • Cleaned out half of my bedroom closet
  • Rearranged the utility closet
  • Unpacked and filled two bookcases
  • Drove to Albany and acquired a vacuum, a dining table and four chairs, and other stuff
  • Unpacked vacuum, assembled and tested quickly
  • Dining table and two chairs set up
  • Created shopping lists for the dollar store, Fred Meyer, and WinCo
  • Spent over $100 on necessary food stuffs (flour, sugar, eggs, milk, etc.)
  • Bought new shower head to replace older, cracked one (got a WaterPik on sale!); installed new shower head and enjoyed a wonderful and much needed shower
  • Finished cleaning kitchen, save floors
  • Emptied garbages
  • Visited two more friends for a short while
  • Two loads of laundry washed, dried, and folded
  • Bedroom unpacked
  • One blissful hour of TV
And now, I'm going to sleep again. Sleep. Because my fingers are shredded from boxes and dishwater and a smush-injury.

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