Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Favorite Day of the Year

People ask me, or those silly memes propose the question, "What's your favorite day of the year?" or "What is your favorite holiday?" I'm never sure how to answer the question. Should I say "Christmas" and have people think that I'm fond of large family gatherings, too much good food, and celebrating the birth of Christ? Should I say "Thanksgiving" and hope people view me as a traditional, selfless person that likes dried-out turkey and pumpkin pie? If I say "Halloween," will people think I'm a Pagan out to celebrate evil and horde chocolate?

I do enjoy these holidays, all for different reasons. However, I can't claim any of these as my favorite day of the year. For me, November 3rd is #1. Happy Birthday to me!

No, I'm not into that date because "it's all about me." Birthdays are cool. Some people don't like them because it means they're another year older. I like them because I am another year older. I can't wait to say that I've survived thirty or fifty or ninety years. Birthdays are about making it, about being for one more year, four more seasons, one more beautiful rainy day...

Don't think I'm into birthdays for the presents: I don't really like receiving presents. Yes, I know you probably put a lot of work into that homemade candle or spent tons of money on that gift certificate--your thoughts are very much appreciated. However, I don't like people spending any money on me. I feel obligated to do the same to them when their birthdays roll around, and I am horrible at coming up with gift ideas or surprises. Give me your time and your respect: that's all I ask of people.

I don't have a countdown started, but I'm still excited to turn 24. Birthdays are a big deal to me. Additionally, my blog will turn 2 a few days later (as well as hopefully crossing 50,000 hits). Time for some serious celebrating!

NOTE: I just found out two very big things are happening this November 3rd. First, there is a formal ballroom dance that evening, and I very much want to go. However, the OSU Marching Band Championships are also that day. My sister and I try to go every year and celebrate our birthdays by spending the day freezing our butts off in a stadium listening to kids play their hearts out on the Astroturf. We were not able to go last year. Formal dances happen three times a term, and OSUMBC is once a year, but there's something about dressing up like a princess and waltzing around a ballroom that appeals to this geek. Grrrr, my two alter-egos are going to have to duel.

Aiyee, 24! YAY!

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Anonymous said...

*sniff* ahhh... the sweet smell of astroturf in the morning. :)