Thursday, September 06, 2007

On Friendship

Friends are special people. They are the ones we trust, the ones we share things with, the ones we are comfortable being ourselves with. We love them unconditionally, and hope they respect us enough to tell us when we're doing the wrong thing.

I've been lucky enough to have a handful of truly amazing friends. Of course, we all think our friends are cooler than everyone else's--and mine are no exception. That's because my close friends are exceptional. They are the most loyal and honest people I know.

More than anything, though, the one trait I look for in a good friend is someone who doesn't judge me. Friends are the people we should feel comfortable enough around that we can be insane and not have to worry about a weird look. They are the ones we bounce crazy ideas off of and expect honest responses in return.

My friends are the kind of people that invite me along on short trips and long journeys even though I turn them down time after time. They include me in their lives, and I share mine with them. They are the kind of people that want to experience adventures and learn new things with me instead of before me. My friends rely upon me in times of crisis and know that I'll be there for them even if it means walking to find them in another state. Likewise, those exceptional people support me in moments when I know they're sitting on the other end of the phone wanting to throttle me.

Secondary to not judging me is time. Building and maintaining friendships takes time. I don't trust someone overnight, and I wouldn't expect anyone to trust me that fast either. My friends make a point of contacting me regularly (if I haven't done so first), and we do our best to see each other as often as possible. I can't build friendships out of nothing--they take time.

In order for you to break through that last layer and have me consider you a true friend, I need you to not judge me. The benefits are great, well worth your time and effort. I'm willing to step up and give it a shot.

Will you be my friend?

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