Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Power of a Compliment

When I was very young, someone told me I couldn't sing well. From that moment on, I avoided singing in front of others. I honestly have no idea whether or not I sing well now, but I'm not about to give someone the chance to tell me what they think. I sing every day, while driving mostly... loudly, openly, freely, and sometimes not even with music. You'll never hear it. Because someone told me I couldn't sing.

A little bit later in life, someone told me I had weird feet. Not being particularly fond of feet to begin with, my task became hiding my feet as much as possible. They're not really weird: they're proportional, narrow, feminine feet. But come the middle of August on a 110° afternoon, I'll be the only one with socks and shoes on. Because someone made fun of one little part of me.

Kids teased me on the playground for my lack of coordination.
I don't remember not being the last one picked for a team in PE.
The guys in high school made fun of my flat chest.
Friends teased me because they didn't understand all the words I used.

I've even had my blog be a point of ridicule in public--not because it is bad, but simply because someone enjoyed being mean to me.

But I will never forget the first time I heard someone tell me I was beautiful.

Please remember the power of a compliment.


Jenny said...

I agree. Especially when it comes from people who really mean something to you.
And just to note: you are beautiful, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Oh, and by the way, nobody really cares that much what your feet look like :) We all have them.

Jaggy said...

Thanks, Jenny!