Monday, September 24, 2007

Where are they coming from?

I don't know what is happening to me. Maybe I hit puberty a second time. Maybe I'm cursed or something. I haven't changed my diet in years, and I haven't started taking any medications. I haven't traveled any new places. I just don't know.

But somehow, I ended up with more zits than I know what to do with.

Which is totally weird because I never had acne as a teenager. I keep my hands off my face, and I wash it often. I don't use much make-up, and I wash the brushes more than anyone else I know. I do love sweets, but I'm sure my sweets habit would have caused this loooooong ago if that were a trigger. I don't have any skin afflictions anywhere else on my body--oh no, the only thing that looks horrific is my face.

As long as my boobs don't start growing again, I won't worry too much. Once through puberty is more than enough.


Michael Faris said...

I'd say it was stress, but you seem to be over the huge stress you were through.

Jaggy said...

I'm pretty sure it's stress-related as well. Life went from apartment hunting stress to job stress to family stress. Now I'm working through family stuff and moving!

I hope all of adult life isn't like this...

cm0978 said...

Wait until you are in your late 40s and you get acne again -- not fun!