Thursday, October 04, 2007

Delurk! or Dance with me...

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007Yesterday was "The Great MoFo Delurk Day," and y'all missed it! So in order to celebrate a day late, DELURK! Been reading here for a while and don't comment? Now's your chance. Even if you comment often, I still love hearing from you. Anonymously or not, I don't care. Let your voice be heard (and come on, you want to make my day, don'tcha?)

I have to admit, I went dancing last night. I was pasty-white and looked like a goth freak. But, in the face of a nasty flu bug, I danced the evening away. Okay, so I danced some... including two Lindy Hops that I should not have danced, two divine waltzes that left me in awe of my partners, and one Cha Cha that had me giggling. Next time I decide to dance while still under the weather, though, I'm leaving the heels at home. Those things are dangerous!

Lunch was ironic, yet still quite enjoyable today. I met up with some friends and shared a fun meal--which made me very happy. But I missed the cute kid stopping at my office to drop off a package and his phone number. That's right, a guy actually wanted to give me his number. I'm dumbfounded! and flattered as he seems like a very nice kid. Maybe I'll give him a call.

I'm feeling much better today, though a nap sounds nice. Too much to do, however, as I'm still decorating and have other plans tonight. Naps will have to wait.

Have you delurked yet? Get to commenting!


A Lurking Admirer said...

I had no idea there was such thing as delurking day. It sounds so Thanksgivingy.

Aaron said...

Fair enough! Consider me de-lurked.

Robert said...

How about delurk AND dance with you?! Hope to see you at a dance soon... :)

Anonymous said...

delurked for now.

Hope you get some color soon