Sunday, October 14, 2007

First Party and Formal Dance

Saturday was a stressful, exhausting, incredibly fun day. I got up very early and drove to Lebanon to visit my parents and collect another carload of belongings. My sister gave me a TV stand, so I had to drive across town to pick it up (forgot the key to the storage unit the first time--two trips, grr), sat for a while with Grandma, washed my car, and did a bunch of little chores. I was back in Corvallis by noon, and the real work began. I hung a bunch of pictures around my apartment, moved my huge TV all by myself (oorah!), set up for the party, showered and got ready, and made one last trip to the store.

Emily arrived around 2pm, and she provided me some much-needed help with the dessert making. The other guests arrived just after 4pm, and the party started! Now remember, dear readers, I've never thrown a party by myself ever. My college roommates always orchestrated our house parties, and I went along for the ride. I am pretty sure people had a good time--it's hard to have a bad time playing Apples to Apples.

After the party, we went to a formal ballroom dance at OSU. Nothing says uncomfortable like four yards of scratchy dress, sweaty feet, and smelly boys for three hours solid. The floor had recently been waxed so spinning was impossible (or painful if you went for it). I'd love to say I had a great time at the dance, but in truth, the waltzes were about the only fun thing I danced. Not sure what happened, but with one exception, I either wasn't asked or had guys as me to West Coast Swing... and they were *ahem* challenging leads. I so desperately wish to learn more WCS...

If you're reading this and find that you weren't invited to my party, please understand that I wanted to invite you. My apartment is quite small, and I didn't want to have a big, loud party. The six of us that were here created more than enough noise for my taste. Plus, the party ended at 8pm as we all went to the formal dance. Don't take it personally: if you want to come over, all you have to do is call and set up a time to hang out. The invitation is open!

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