Saturday, October 06, 2007

I have a couch and knives now, so you can stay, but I might eat you.

I have so much to catch up on in the last two days! That's because I actually have a social life again, or at least I think spending two nights out in a row feels like having a social life.

Thursday night was fun: two friends and I went to see Sydney White. I don't think either of them liked the movie, which kind of makes me sad. The movie was funny, light, and maintained a consistent pace. Sure, it was a little corny, but it didn't try to be a big blockbuster movie. I must recommend Sydney White if only for the first five minutes: Jon Schneider's plumbing contraption is hilarious!!!

And Friday night was even more fun. Jenny came over for dinner--that I actually made in my own kitchen--yay! We went dancing, went out to a couple bars, then retreated with the guys to eat cookie dough and play Halo until the little-number-hours. Oddly, being massacred six or seven dozen times in as many seconds hurts much less with a mouth full of cookie dough. It's true. I should know. In my own defense, I think I mastered ice skating with a warthog, and I'm not half-bad at running people over with them either. I'm better at killing people with vehicles than with guns. Yes, yes, you want me on your team. ;)

Mom and Dad called me up this morning (as I was recovering from my late night out) to tell me they found a futon at a garage sale for $65, and it was in good condition. Heck, that's $300 less than I anticipated, so sure! They drove it over to Corvallis and unloaded it for me. The people selling the futon tossed in a free cover still in the package. It looks really nice, and now people have a place to sleep when they come over. Then, I followed my parents back to Albany to go antique dish hunting. To put it mildly, I am not an antiques person (and if anyone ever buys me one of those awful rooster candy dish thingies, I'll break it in front of them). Later, I found a really nice set of Chicago Cutlery knives for under $30, a pillow and some pillow cases and six microfiber dish rags for under $20, and got lunch for free. Mom and I scored some Corelle tableware at Bi-Mart, two 4-person sets (with water glasses instead of coffee mugs) for under $50. SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE! So my kitchen is fully stocked. With knives. Big knives. Sharp knives. Darn, I'm going to need more band-aids...

Rachel and Jessie came over to visit me this afternoon. We had a great chat. Rachel thoroughly inspected my new digs and proclaimed them sufficient. Jessie made fun of me for an hour... all is well.

Now I have tons of reading to do and need to actually open some mail from this week (because putting it in a pile has been so much easier than opening it). Dishes to do, laundry to do... these things don't do themselves. Oh, and then some more blogging--because I have some stuff rolling around in my skull. Unless my social life happens to take over first. ;)

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