Thursday, October 11, 2007

Letting Go of Holding On

I don't understand myself some days. I've seen people die, I've lost friends, and I've thrown away perfectly good ideas. But do you think I could bring myself to toss that report I wrote in 7th grade? Do you think I'd recycle the 8th grade paper on fossils or the first paper I wrote in college? When I moved, I moved everything. I packed every single scrap of fabric and shred of paper into boxes so I could go through them again "at a later date." My two-box pile of old school papers spanning the last ten years has been reduced to a couple inches tonight, mostly report cards and very special papers (like the ones that got me published). I kept a few lab papers, one or two tests, and little else. I don't know why, but sometimes it takes me forever to let go of the smallest things.

Tonight was productive in other ways. I cleaned my entire apartment, scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom really well, did two loads of laundry, had dinner with my sister, and steam pressed my formal dress for Saturday. I finished watching Life from last night, sat through ER tonight, and located a TV stand (thanks sis!) for my newer, bigger TV.

Now, it's time for chocolate. And sleep. Oh, I miss sleep...

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