Sunday, October 28, 2007

Once More Into the Forest

I woke up this morning thinking that today should be an adventure. You know what? It was. :)

I had a perfectly relaxing morning working on some blog posts, editing photos, and being generally lazy. A friend asked me to help him teach some waltz lessons, so just after noon, we headed off to teach. Unfortunately, the lessons didn't happen today, but we did make a stop on the way home for root beer floats. I had forgotten how awesome A&W floats are, YUM! We decided the drive and floats weren't enough of an adventure, so I suggested a Geocaching outing.

We were hot on the trail by mid-afternoon, and then rather cold on the trail as we entered what has to be the spookiest forests I've been in. We kept joking about finding gnomes and fairies, and I may have had an eye out for Rodents of Unusual Size more than once. We did see some rabbits, a few birds, and could hear a frog... but wildlife was limited (thankfully). Tons of crunchy leaves in pretty colors, a few hills, and a good amount of searching at the top of the hill left us tired. But we found the 'cache! We also found some incredible viewpoints, and the sunset looking down on Bald Hill was spectacular. I can't believe I didn't take my camera.

After hiking, we were both famished. Time for pasta! We both laughed over Kevin James' hilarious comedy, and then decided to end our day. I took an hour this evening to sit at a piano, and I even spent a few minutes to simply sit still and take in my day.

Never mind how sore I'm going to be tomorrow after such a hike!

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