Monday, October 22, 2007

To my Sister on her 21st Birthday


21 years ago today, some scary nurses dressed me up in a tiny gown, and Dad held my hand as we peered through the glass at some little worm swaddled in pink. From that day on, you were just as much mine as you were Mom and Dad's. I know I've been bossy and mean and generally a bad big sister. We've fought over stupid and petty things, and we've disagreed over larger things. We've conjured a spirit together, an amazing bond we share named Amie.

I've had friends, and I've had best friends... but you, my sister, are leagues ahead of anyone else. You inspire me with your selflessness, your willingness to be there for others when you could use a hug just as much. That you are able to forgive so easily is a trait I've too long taken advantage of--though it is a quality few others possess. Never give up on the wonderful and beautiful woman you've become.

My first memory, my earliest memory is of you. When the whole world has turned against me, I know you'll be there. I hope you know that, no matter what, I will always love you too.

Now, before I bury this mushy post under a bunch of pictures, allow me to offer you a few small bits of hard-earned drinking wisdom:
1. Always watch someone when they mix your drink, or mix it yourself. Preferably, open each bottle or can yourself (although you can pretty much ignore drinks from cans).
2. Always cover your drink.
3. It's okay to not drink, even though you might be laughed at.

Happy 21st Birthday! OOOOOH-WAH!


Anonymous said...

i am a worm?!?! haha, thanks for the post. it almost made me cry...

love the pictures! i still remember rolling out that washcloth on grandma's kitchen floor. that was the best...

yay for amie! :) i missed her!

anyways... i love you, too, sissy!!

elle said...

Awwwwww you two are so sweet. THe pictures are lovely!Reading this makes me wish I actually had one!

OK so technically I do but I mean one that I grew up with and didnt have to google to see!

Happy 21st
and here is more drinking wisdom
its ok not to drink and its ok to be laughed at because that is far better than waking up the next morning regretting what you may have done the night before!