Friday, October 26, 2007

Whitney's 21st Birthday Bar-hopping Blow-Out

We tried to get her drunk. We really did! But there was too much time between drinks, not enough alcohol, and gosh darnit, we were just too nice.

My sister had a great 21er. She had dinner with Mom, Dad, myself, Grandma, an aunt and uncle, and her boyfriend at Red Robin in Albany. The restaurant staff sang her a silly verse and she got free ice cream (with which to wash down her first drink of the night). Afterward, we all (minus Grandma) went to Wilhelm's on Pacific Blvd. Whitney got another drink, some kind of fruity vodka-ness that tasted like Jamba Juice with a kick. It was pink. It was a Whitney drink. :)

Whitney, her boyfriend, and I decided to ditch the smoke-filled bars of Albany (and lose the adults) and headed into Corvallis. The drive over probably allowed my sister to sober up some, which is good, but not what we wanted. We made a quick pit-stop at my apartment, then flew down to Cloud 9 on the waterfront. Old people bar! It was pretty dead inside with so few patrons, but the quiet room was a positive change. Another of our mutual friends joined us for the night. Whit ordered some other fruity thing with tequila. It tasted good--one of the smoothest drinks I've tried, but that horrible post-tequila aftertaste ruined it for me. I tried to capture as much on my camera of the night as I could, but low lighting made things difficult.

We all decided to move on to another bar, Fox 'n' Firkin, but the bar was closing. At 11pm. On a Friday night. In a college town. WTF?! We tried another bar, but there was no room, no empty tables. Exasperated and growing sober, we opted for McMenamin's downtown. I helped my sister order something the bartender had never heard of, and the guys had drinks. Yay for a basket of 'tots! And yay for better lighting! She was feelin' the alcohol big-time, and we were pushing water into her as much as we could.

The night ended by midnight, a relief for those of us who got up early that morning. Patrick took my sister back to Lebanon where I'm told she slept for a very long time.

It wasn't quite the night of depravity we had planned, but I think it turned out better than we expected. Here's to new drinks, good times, and whipping out your ID in less than two seconds. Nicely done, sis.

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Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Let's do it again sometime!

And... it always helps when you are in the company of people you love and trust. :)

I'm sure it will get old quick, but for now, the newness of being 21 is still there and scintillating! (yes, i HAD to use that word) just wait until I get trashed... and have the worst hang over. that'll probably change my mind. LOL.

Thanks again, sis!