Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ego vs. God: A Prayer

Hey, God? I get it already. I understand that I am nothing. We don't need to keep rubbing it in, do we? Seriously. I get it.

I know you gave me this incredible musical talent that I haven't been all that dedicated at sharing with others, but you sorta left out patience, and that's not really my fault. Thanks for bringing amazing people into my life that have even more of that musical talent! Could you make it so that I don't feel like a musical moron when I'm around them though? Seeing people so effortlessly play kinda bursts my bubble. It's not that I want to be better than them, definitely not. I just wish I could sit down and play one song that didn't sound like a tank creeping over chards of broken glass.

Oh, yeah, and remember all that musical talent? I am appreciative in every way! Though we need to have a little talk about vocal ability. How is it that I can hear two notes and tell that one of them is off-key, and I can hear when my own voice is not correct, but I can't make the correct sound come out? What happened? Were you asleep at my creation and sprinkled on the musical talent at the last moment? I'm not complaining about what I've been given. Honestly, though... sheesh!

So you blessed me with enough hand-eye coordination to play Bach, yet you seemingly passed up giving me the video gaming ability too? That would have been nice, God. I could have used that today when I got my ass handed to me playing Wii with my friends. It's not that I lost once, or even twice, but that I lost so miserably it was embarrassing. I can waltz and swing dance and have incredibly fine motor control, but I can't hold a game controller and make my character do anything coherent. I know other people can't do the many things I can, and I'm truly thankful that I can dance and play music. Could we negotiate about the video gaming ability?

A day for ego-destroying, indeed. What little bits of ego I'd scraped together since the last ego-bashing were all tossed in the wind today, scattered around on the ground. I did have fun with my friends--the day wasn't bad. I'm just a little sore with how much cool they have and how much ultra-dork I got.

God? I get it. Thank you for putting me back in my place. I know I deserved it, but you don't have to be so rough about it. Really, I get it already. If it's okay, I'd like to go to sleep now, and maybe wake up tomorrow not feeling like I'm nothing. That would be appreciated. Thanks.

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