Sunday, November 18, 2007

Learning to Relax

I've never been one to "just relax" about much of anything. It's not that I'm always tense, I simply have a hard time relaxing. I'm not ordinarily controlling or dominant (though sometimes I'll play that role out of humor). And I don't generally have a high-stress lifestyle. I just can't relax.

Last night, though, I think I figured it out. None of my friends were in town or available, and I'd watched enough TV for a week by 5pm... my chores were all done, my kitchen was clean, and my belly was full. I thought I was doin' pretty well, but I still didn't feel relaxed. Grrr.

I tried a heating pad, but the nearest available outlet was across the room. I tried letting go of all of my muscles, thinking about each and every one. I even thought about having a drink but wasn't really in the mood. What to do...?

Water isn't really my thing. I don't often like swimming or being in pools or hot tubs. My apartment complex has both--though they're closed for the winter now. I deliberated. Would a bath make me feel relaxed? Would it help? What the heck, I don't have to pay for water here. I drew a hot bath. HOT bath. Too hot, really, as the first two or three minutes made me feel like I was being stewed. The water was high enough to cover me, and I had room to float a bit. I didn't know how to float until about five years ago... so the sensation is still kind of new to me. Sure, it seems innate, but I'd been a sinker until God decided to inflate these frontal flotation devices. ;)

I don't remember how long I laid in the tub: time was nothing. My ears were underwater, the sounds of my heart beating and breathing were the only things on my mind. I was completely and utterly relaxed. 100%. After so long, I was also medium-well done, but I felt good.

And today, I still feel good. A bit girly, a bit silly, and very relaxed. :)

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Kelly Mahoney said...

I have a hard time relaxing and just turning my mind off as well while I'm in school. With so many projects hanging over my head, it's hard to let it all go.