Sunday, November 11, 2007

Productivity Inclined

My mom tells me that I can be incredibly productive when I set my mind to it. My father is a "Productivity Coordinator" for his job, so I suppose getting things done runs in my family. I accomplished a ton this weekend:

-Bought keyboard
-Bought new sunglasses (to replace the last three pairs that all broke or fell apart)
-Bought gas
-Assembled keyboard and determined its living arrangement
-Spent afternoon and evening with Rachel
-Bought two t-shirts that look "soooo gooooood!" (Teen Girl Squad, fyi)
-Cleaned bathroom, including scrubbing the entire shower, shower curtain, and curtain rod (that had some funky brown stuff and red stuff on it when I moved in that I finally took care of)
-Cleaned the kitchen
-Mopped all hard floors
-Washed four loads of laundry
-Folded three loads of laundry (the rugs are still hang-drying)
-Set up a budget and started formulating my expenditures
-Balanced my checkbook for September and October
-Blogged (twice!)
-Printed four full-page-size photographs, mounted them on foam-core-board, and hung them
-Went grocery shopping
-Cleaned my desk
-Watched a movie
-Made cookies

I need to have more days like this weekend! Unfortunately, my productivity has meant I haven't been able to sit at the keyboard longer than a minute or two. My back hurts something terrible... and I'm starving.

But I got so much done! YAY!

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