Sunday, November 25, 2007

Suspicious Yellow Liquid dripping from the range vent hood in my kitchen. The yellow liquid does not smell, nor is it off-gassing. I have not checked for flammability. The dripping is slow, perhaps two or three drips per minute. It began early this morning and has not yet stopped. Corvallis has not seen rain in several days, so the leak is not rain-related. If anyone has an idea or suggestion as to what this suspicious yellow liquid could be, please comment.

-no one lives above me, and there are no plumbing lines running over my kitchen ceiling
-no smell, remember?
-I cooked two large pots of soup two days ago and ran the vent fan for at least three hours, but there was no dripping in the last two days. Could the steam have condensated in the vent and is now dripping out?

Suspicious yellow liquids are NOT welcome in my kitchen. Help?!

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