Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Play-by-Play

Thanksgiving Day: up-to-the-minute reporting, mostly because I have nothing better to do...

7:30am: alarm clock sounded, but I crushed the screaming with my index finger. Six minutes later, I rolled my sleepy carcass out of bed for good

7:45am: checked e-mail, Facebook, blog comments, and other blogs for new posts; decided to skip breakfast in order to make it to my parents' faster

7:58am: dozed off at computer while Stumbling

8:15am: decided to get motivated and ready to go; bathroom stuff, and I made toast. So much for not having breakfast

8:35am: left Corvallis en route to Lebanon. Frosty morning and light traffic made the drive easy and pretty

8:45am: Mom called to say she needed me to pick up some last-minute stuff at Safeway.

9:25am: arrived in Lebanon at parents' house with last-minute ice cream in tow.

9:30am: Helped Mom get the turkey ready, including prepping the turkey bag and opening the oven door. Mom really let us help in the kitchen this year, yeah...

10:00am: kicked out of kitchen, eating another breakfast, and blogging...

10:15am: Watched Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with Dad

12:00pm: tried to kill fly that managed to get into the house; had no luck killing said fly

12:30pm: retrieved Grandma and brought her home; attempted to create gravy from turkey drippings and succeeded after a while (and yes, I ate it)

1:00pm: feasted, Feasted, FEASTED!

1:36pm: rolled severely overweight body into living room after clearing the table; attempted to stay awake

1:50pm: copied piano music and assembled pile of "take-home wonderfulness"

3:00pm: dessert; chatted with the family; attempted to stay awake

4:30pm: returned Grandma to her home, drove back to Corvallis

6:00pm: showered and tidied apartment

7:20pm: worked on annual calendar project; chatted online with a friend; Rachel called

8:30pm: watched a movie

10:00pm: began another movie, blogged...

And I think that'll take me through until midnight and sleep. This was the most exciting Thanksgiving ever. Note dripping sarcasm. I'm already tired of Christmas music and the same Christmas commercials as the last three years. I'm not getting up early to go shopping.

No, I don't think I'll be writing an "I'm Thankful For..." post this year. God already knows, and I don't feel the need to repeat myself yet again about the important things in my life. If you would like to know what I'm thankful for, try browsing my "Filed Under" section over on the left.

Of course I'm always thankful for comments--unless your some spammer. Then I hope you had lumps in your gravy and soggy stuffing.

Bah. I'm gonna go turn my left-overs into my wonderful and amazing homemade soup. No sarcasm there. I really do make incredible soup.

Wow, I'm bored. Happy Thanksgiving.

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