Thursday, November 08, 2007

There is such thing as Too Much of a Good Thing

Whee! Having a social life is so much fun. I love spending time with quality people, learning and growing with them, changing the world one waltz at a time.

I am not, however, enjoying a messy apartment, these huge bags under my eyes, or a refrigerator full of nothing but beer and salsa (neither of which do I like!). I've been on my own for over a month, and I haven't yet figured out how to balance my social life with my work and home responsibilities.

Believe me, it's starting to show.

My hair looks like I walked through a tropical storm and then straight out into the desert. My skin is broken out, and what was once naturally soft and beautiful girly skin has turned into some sort of sandpaper hide. I realize I'm dehydrated, and I'm doing all I can now to fix that, but I shouldn't have let it happen (again) in the first place.

In addition to looking, um, not good... I've started to feel things physically. The lack of sleep and overexertion are taking a toll on my bones. My knees are aching after a quick Lindy, and I get dizzy too fast while dancing and spinning. At least I've been eating fairly well, what with the ultra-rich soups, birthday cakes, cookies, cheesy breadsticks, and Halloween candy the last two weeks... HA! Time for this kid to get back on the veggies and home-cooked wonderfulness.

So I look awful, feel like my body hates me, and haven't slept a full night in two weeks. You think I'd learn, right? You think I'd take a night off and sleep, right?

Damn straight.

Just not tonight. I have important things to d...zzzzzzzzzz.

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