Friday, December 28, 2007

5 Products that Keep Jaggy Beautiful

In no particular order, the follow products keep me looking my best while at work, in the rain, and while dancing the night away. Oh, and none of these are paid advertisements. I'm just looking to share a bit of hard-earned wisdom from experience. But if you'd like to pay me... ;)

1. Almay make-up. While it's a bit more expensive than the other mega-brand-names, the quality of the eyeshadow and it's ability to last astounds me. It feels like I'm not wearing anything (and just about everything else does). The eyeshadow trios make application too easy. Many friends have questioned why I 'never wear make-up.' I do wear it, but Almay make-up makes me look like I'm naturally this good-looking (er, *cough*).

2. Dr. Scholls Tri-Comfort insoles. With narrow feet, I have to put insoles in my shoes so they stay on as I walk. These thin gems give me additional arch support and heel padding, but the 3/4 length doesn't crowd my toes. I think I have claustrophobic toes. I probably have six or seven pairs of these insoles, and I know I could never dance the night away without them.

3. Sonicare toothbrush. I've been using a fancy toothbrush for about six months, and I can't imagine going back to a manual brush. My gums feel sooooooo much better, and I love the smooth, clean feeling. When I first got my braces off, like every kid, I kept running my tongue all over feeling that smooth, non-bracketed grin. This toothbrush brought back that feeling. I never looked forward to brushing my teeth before I bought a Sonicare. :)

4. Chap Stick. I don't much care for lipstick or lip gloss, especially anything flavored or goopy. Chap Stick is one of those few things I always have with me, though. I go for the plain, unflavored, moisturizing kind... simple. Easy. I like that in a product.

5. Eucerin and Aquaphor lotion. Even though I don't use them often, when I need these two products, they deliver. I dislike lotions. I don't enjoy the greasy feeling of other lotions, and I don't want to smell like I just poured a bottle of cheap perfume on me either. Eucerin doesn't smell much at all, especially the Sensitive Skin lotion. My hands crack sometimes, especially if they've been wet/dry repeatedly all day (like when I used to work in a kitchen). Aquaphor gets the job done the first time. I can put it on when I go to bed, either under soft gloves or without, and when I wake up, *poof* cracks are gone.

What do you use to keep you looking your best? Agree with me? Disagree? No comment? Come on... share your secrets!


Anonymous said...

Salt water, lots and lots of salt water....
Happy New year!

Snookie said...

Daily: I use olay lotion spf 15, and creamy cleanser on my face morning and night... and other than that... Victoria Secrets Body Lotion in Love Spell, because unlike you, I do enjoy smelling like cheap bottle of perfurme! :D

On Occassion: Covergirl loose powder (for when I'm feeling oily) and some Mascara and eyelash curler (so my eyelashes don't hit my glasses)

Hmm.. We are both a bit blah... product of too much time together?