Friday, December 14, 2007

Another Week in the Life o' Jaggy

You know, if you take Wednesday off, the week goes so much faster. I spent my Wednesday in Salem shopping for Christmas presents. I think I got everyone done with one small exception. Not only that, but I stayed under my budget and got to spend time with a friend while shopping. Not a bad day at all!

Wednesday and Thursday evenings were spent decorating a friend's Christmas tree. A few of us helped her get the tree, set it up, string popcorn, and decorate. The second night was a bit more low-key as I cut out felt ornaments and made the tree look warm and cozy. As much as I dislike the idea of chopping down a tree, letting it die in my living room, and then having to haul it off, part of me misses the tradition in my own apartment.

My own apartment isn't seeing much of the festivities this year. I wrapped the presents I purchased in shiny mylar wrap, so they are all sparkley under my foot-tall fiber-optic tree. It's not much, but it works for me. I got a new scented oil thingy that makes the apartment smell like spicy apple pie. The first night, the whole apartment smelled as if I'd baked fifty at once! After a few days, the scent is more tolerable (and less headache-producing). Why can't they make a scented thingy that never gets very strong and lasts more than two weeks? You think someone would come out with such a product...

In other exciting news, the President of the Portland Swing Dance Club left me a comment! You can click the link on his comment to see a picture of me taking the actual video from the dance. That comment made my day.

Tonight's plans include cooking dinner for boys who are going to take me to a movie. Good plan! Then, probably hanging out at another friend's house. Tomorrow is Matthew's wedding, and more dancing/teaching dance on Sunday. Sometimes I wonder how I survive my own schedule and plans. Other times, I run head-first into my own life. Whee!

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