Monday, December 03, 2007

Calendars 2008

They're done! I'm not sure I like the new format, but they're done.

Every year, I make calendars for my extended family. I do the graphic design and formatting, my mother proofs the calendars, edits them, and sends them back to me, and then one of us publishes the calendars. After that, we obtain a padding press and glue the calendar tops to a stiff cardboard backing. We add magnets to the very back as well. Mom gives these calendars to each of her siblings, her parents, and now to many of my cousins as they've moved out to their own houses.

You might think I'd be fast at this design work after seven or eight years of practice. Oh no. I have to out-do myself again and again. The graphics went from those I found online to pictures I took myself. I used to hunt for days for the perfect background, but now I have a large collection of my own. They have to be landscape (direction), and fairly light in color. I'm quick to recognize what colors will and won't work.

The new format doesn't have little graphics in the "important" day's box: I simply changed that date's color. You can see examples of those in the December 2008 (lower right) calendar.

They work... the calendars, I mean. It's a nice feeling to walk into any relative's house and see my photography hanging on their refrigerator. :)

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Anonymous said...

nice work on the calenders,they look great