Saturday, December 15, 2007

Congratulations Matthew & Grace!

My best friend got hitched today, and I couldn't be more proud or relieved. Matthew and I have been friends since third grade--an astounding fifteen years ago--and I don't remember a single fight. We've never been more than friends. Our parents' backyards were separated by only a fence, so it's safe to say we weren't apart very much. We both played the piano from a young age, although Matthew plays much more beautifully than I, and we were in band through high school together. We've always had a special connection, one that goes beyond words. Today, I felt a little bit like I gave him away to a truly wonderful woman.

When we were growing up, Matthew would find a girl, date her for a while, and then introduce her to me. I was his Girl Barometer, though I never knew why my opinion of his girlfriends mattered so much to him. He'd ask my opinion of her, and I was always honest. I can't say that I ever gave him a good review. Last year, late on Christmas day, he brought another girl over for me to meet. She had the biggest smile, the loudest laugh, and she looked at him with more love than a person deserves to be looked at with. Grace beamed when she sat next to him, and I could see his heart sing as he held her hand. For the first time, I gave him a positive review of his selection.

Just shy of one year later, Matthew married Grace. They looked at each other today the same way they did a year ago. I literally know this man's thoughts at times, and I can't begin to understand how much he loves his new wife.

To Matthew: It was an honor to join you today as you celebrated with a wedding to your new best friend. Thank you for including me in your pre-ceremony slide show. May your lives be less Hallmark-y and more blessed than any sappy blog post I can muster. You are amazing, and I'm incredibly happy for you both. Congratulations Matthew & Grace!

P.S. Don't forget to take a moment and change that Facebook status to "Married." I know how long you've been waiting for that!

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