Monday, December 10, 2007

Dancing in Portland III

My weekend dawned entirely too early as I awoke and readied myself for the adventures to follow. First, I scrambled to get my stuff together so I could meet Mom in Albany to get a new cell phone. Our family renegotiated a 2-year contract and got new phones. I upgraded from a phone that was so basic that it didn't have a camera in it at all, and it's text-messaging was basic at best. I'm a bit sad that my ringtone (Mack the Knife) won't be on the new phone... but maybe I'll have something just as cool again. The new phone is an LG Trax. It has MP3 capabilites, a camera and picture messaging capabilities, and is Bluetooth compatible. Quite the upgrade! Mom also generously added unlimited text messaging plans to both my sister's phone and mine--though I have every intention of paying for my part of that deal. It's a luxury to be certain. Maybe we can even get Dad to learn to text message (first we have to get him to use one-touch dialing and teach him how to retrieve voice mails). The phones are actually larger than the last ones, but they're also supposed to be more durable. I'm cool with durable. :)

After the new phone exchange, I flew back to Corvallis and got the rest of my stuff together before meeting my friends to head north. We were out of town by noon en route to Newberg. The ride was uneventful, thankfully. We met another friend at his apartment and decided to go wine tasting. As many of you know, wine is one of those things I can't stand. The flavors of alcohol and rotting fruit do not suit my palate at all. My friends all tasted, though, and I had fun watching them enjoy (or not!) their wine. The atmosphere was nice. After that, we went back into Newberg and watched Beyond the Sea (Kevin Spacey's homage to Bobby Darin), a fantastic movie and experience that I very much enjoyed for the third time. We talked for a bit before leaving town. Hungry, we sought out food between Newberg and Clackamas.

You might think finding a restaurant and deciding to eat there would be an easy task, right? Oh no. We drove and drove. Finally, in a fit of insanity or genius (often one in the same for me), I remembered that we were likely close to Sweet Tomatoes. In the process of calling Dad to get directions, we actually drove right by it. Sometimes I worry about my own mind and how it connects things... anyway, that's where we ate. The line was a bit long, but I did get to see a couple friends from high school while we were there. Good food, great muffins.

Then, on to dancing! We were quite early, but we did get to see a new Nightclub Two-step move being taught. Sunnyside Grange is a weird place. The architecture is early-20th century, and the wood floors are fantastic for dancing. I'm not sure exactly how big the main room is, but I bet 100 people could dance without much trouble. The dance is hosted at the grange by the Portland Swing Dance Club. Everyone is nice, and while I prefer to dance with people I already know, I haven't danced with hardly any creepy men in the several times I've been up there. As the night wore on, the crowd thinned out. The dancing continued right up to midnight, and I know I was ready to drop at that point.

At the very end of the dance, one of the guys from OSU helped me figure out what I've been doing wrong with my West Coast Swing. With very little time to practice, we worked through as much as we could. I'm thankful for his input, and I'm learning to listen to the music slightly differently than I used to. Which is pretty astounding in itself: I know music, and I've spend years fine-tuning my ears to music, and with dance I've heard it even more differently. I adore seeing something old in a new way, and he sparked a new interest for me in dancing. Yay!

Finally, the night came to a close. We drove home--and I may have slept on the way home, but I couldn't tell. The heater in the car dried out my contacts so badly that I couldn't keep my eyes open through all the pain. I've never kept quiet that long on a 2-hour car ride home, either. Crazy adventure, and well-worth the cost of dinner and dancing.

Here's to a dance coma the day after! Zzzzzzz...

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David Lim said...

Thanks for coming to the dance. You might be interested in a photo of you videoing your dance. Merry Christmas!

David Lim
PSDC President