Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I can't think of anything!

We've all used the phrase, but I think it's more true for my family than for most people.

"What do you buy for the person that has everything?"

The Christmas season is here, and my time is running out. I only buy presents for four or five people, and I assure you, they are the hardest people on Earth to buy presents for!

My father is not an outdoorsman, nor does he ever wear dressy clothes. He does not cook, and he does not need any more books, movies, or CDs. He is a craftsman, and I know he has every tool he'll ever need, some of them in duplicate. Dad is a geeky guy, but he's not a tech geek. He doesn't need an iPod or laptop peripherals. He doesn't drink, smoke, or gamble. My father buys what he needs when he needs it, and he only buys what he needs at the highest quality for the lowest price.

Neither of my parents are into spas or fine dining or wine. They do like to travel, but mostly they go around Oregon and stay away from the touristy places. They are not into art, fancy home decorating, or entertaining guests.

Mom is almost worse than Dad. Mom enjoys reading, cooking, and gardening. However, she doesn't actually keep her books (she trades them or buys them cheap and sells them to the Book Bin). She cooks, but she has too many cookbooks already, and she doesn't often make new things anyway. Her kitchen is fully stocked with every imaginable utensil, gadget, or machine, and she even gave a ton of stuff to me when I moved out two months ago. Mom's kitchen knives are great, and she doesn't need any more towels, spoons, or Tupperware. While she enjoys gardening, her raised beds are small and she doesn't grow much. Few tools make up for the time and water she pours into those gardens.

My parents strongly dislike anything that isn't useful. If the object sits around and collects dust, it is usually garage-sale-d the next season. While their home is decorated, the style is plain and simple. The artwork is almost entirely my father's own needlecraft or woodworking.

What do you buy for the person that has everything?

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Eric said...

Nothing. We've been indoctrinated into thinking we must get something for everyone, when the reality is that most people enjoy just having some time to spend with family and the family being there.
Both my mom and dad are the same as yours: without need, and thus my goal is not to get them anything, but to spend time with them.
I think the only thing I could have possibly gotten would have been for my dad, a copy of my diploma(he's very proud of me) and I already gave that to him a couple weeks ago, so he considers it as much a Christmas present as anything else, and better than most.