Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Jaggy" is a conundrum... fix me!

Who is this "Jaggy" person, and why does she go by "Jaggy"?

I have the hardest time trying to describe myself online. Both Facebook and MySpace have sections for "About Me," and I never know what words to use. Do I take the high road and claim that I'm not all that different, or do I go the unique route and try to be witty? Do I use whole sentences, or do I make a list? How long should a description of "me" be?

You've made it this far, and you're reading my blog. Thanks for stopping by! If you're one of my friends, you probably already have a good idea of who I am, and you'll find even more nonsense in other posts. :) But, in the off-chance that you're not one of the six or seven people stalking me from my Facebook profile, you don't have any idea who I am.

And if you're me, you have no idea how to describe yourself.

How do you describe a girl that:
-likes Cabela's as much as J. C. Penney's?
-won't spend more than $30 on blue jeans, but won't spend less than $75 on shoes?
-puts applesauce on macaroni and cheese, but doesn't eat any condiments except ketchup?
-is a science nerd, but dislikes using science as an excuse for things?
-votes and has strong opinions, but doesn't like to discuss politics?
-is just as happy on a farm as in the big city?
-reads music and plays several instruments, yet doesn't often listen to music?
-loves to dance--and does so often, and is as far from athletic as possible?
-isn't really big or small or tall or short?
-enjoys long dresses and cozy pajama pants equally?
-is comfortable in both a woodshop and a gourmet kitchen?
-would never smoke, but chugs Diet Coke as if tomorrow is the last day on earth?
-organizes some things and not other things?
-loves the rain and being in water, but is anything but a capable swimmer?
-grew up in Oregon and doesn't like Nike, salmon, or The Simpsons (gasp!)?

I find myself a perpetual conundrum, or else a very well-rounded (although spiky) person. If anyone can come up with words that describe me better, leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

I found your list fascinating...at first, then a little creepy.
Because I saw a bit of me in it.
Ok, more than a bit.

Enjoyed your blog, thanks for sharing.

Snookie said...

You forgot:
~Highly intelligent but hates class.
~Eats Kraft Mac and Cheese, but only the shape ones.
~Looks amazing without makeup, and with makeup
~A great person all around!!

Seraphim said...

Amazingly I really like your blog <33 and learning little things like this about makes me all the happier (no I am not a creepy stalker, but I am curious)

Thanks for revealing yourself

Lixie said...

I love your random questions which is how I found your site... then after reading this... well. you and I are creepily alike. Perhaps its just an Oregon girl thing though.

Anonymous said...

I've never met you but we have alot in common-its pretty cool seeing someone else with passions that contradict abilities lol if that makes any sence

felly said...

I found your site just like how Lixie said. I was trying to find a random appropriate questions for my column at my church's weekly newspaper, then as I read your answers, it was interesting. When I looked into your "About me" section, I was amazed of how much we have in common. And NO, I am not a stalker, haha. But your site is wonderful!