Sunday, December 16, 2007

My family redefines "odd"

In case anyone needed more proof that my family is weird:

Yesterday, I rode to Eugene with my parents to go to my best friend's wedding. We talked about a variety of topics the whole way down and back, and I'm pretty sure my friends don't have families that talk about such odd things:

-the economic and political state of the antebellum southern U.S.
-"The Talk," and when Mom had that oh-so-special discussion with me
-Oregon's history, specifically of Generals Grant and Sherman in the "Indian Wars"
-the intricacies of sugar cookies and appropriate frosting methods
-the differences between lean and extra-lean ground beef RE: the perfect burger
-remembering the vast number of places we've traveled around Oregon as a family

And if that's not enough oddity for you, we discussed the difference between black pants, dark blue pants, and those really weird blue-black pants that you can't hem because both blue and black thread stands out on it.

Deep, lengthy discussions. You should see us when we get really riled up about something!

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