Friday, December 21, 2007

Oops, Re-Gift!

I pride myself on honest blogging. I'm an open book about all that I'm willing to share (and there isn't much I don't put here). In that spirit, I have one more completely random and entirely "too much information" to say:

I'm a hopeless re-gift-er. And all those candles people seem to think I'll like because I'm a girl... oh, that's right. Re-gift-ed. The wonky candle holders that don't go with any decor... re-gift-ed. If it smells, sits around and collects dust, or is for decoration only (and doesn't get stuck to the wall), oh it's so getting re-gift-ed.

And I have no shame.

In other news, I'm going dancing tonight. I am not exactly thrilled about it since my face has decided to become a nightmarish zit zone again. While my false confidence usually overpowers the fear of social situations, I'm pretty much freaking out. Make-up isn't helping my face. I'm gonna need war paint. Here's to masquerades!

Oh, and four-day weekends. YAY!

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