Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa Brought me Spaghetti Sauce

I kid you not, five jars of homemade spaghetti sauce. And plastic wrap. Either Santa got his "Bed, Bath, and way, way, way Beyond" mixed up, or he's been smokin' something.

I celebrated the holiday over several days, first on Saturday with Mom's side, and then today with Dad's mother. Good food, lots of company, and gift exchanging. I tried my hardest to find gifts for my parents that they'd appreciate... impossible as they're impossible to buy for, but I really did try. They overcompensated with gifts beyond what I could have dreamed of--and I'm thankful for each thoughtful gift.

Santa really did bring me spaghetti sauce, though. He told Mom to cook it a few days early so it'd be just the way I like it. Mom even froze it so it'd last the ride down the chimney. I put it in my freezer for one of those nights I can't bear to cook and need some of Mom's wonderful sauce.

Seems like a silly gift, right? Nah, it couldn't be more practical. Hits the spot in more ways than one. Just needs a little warmin' up and I'll be a happy kid all night.

Have you ever had a holiday where you feel so blessed, you can't help but weep? I'm learning about that today. Not quite to the weeping yet. 'Cuz I still don't fully grasp how blessed I am.

That's been my lesson this month. It's a hard lesson to learn.

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