Monday, December 17, 2007

Silly Girl, Sideburns are for Boys

Sideburns are for men. Big men. With big, scratchy beards. Not women. And certainly not me.

I have had my hair as short as an inch and nearly reaching down to my lower back. For the last five or six years (since it grew in from the last pixie-cut), I've had it chin- to shoulder-length. My hair is naturally ram-rod straight, and while it will hold a curl with six gallons of hairspray and some glue, it's pretty much useless for styling. Oh, and it's brown. Not pretty red-brown, not light and silky hazel, but brown. Just brown.

For about a year, I've been shaving my sideburns off. They grew in weird, and when I'd get my hair cut, they always looked silly. I'm not talking about hardcore bushy sideburns, but little hairs in front of my ears that were untameable. So I kept cutting them shorter and shorter until finally, one day, buzzzzzz! off they went. I shaved them with an electric trimmer--the multi-attachment one I used to trim my bangs so often.

My mother gave me crap about it. My cousins did too. My friends teased and questioned and teased some more. So last week I gave in. I started to let them grow back. Oh man, what a bad idea! The first four days were a nightmare. I couldn't turn my head against my flannel pillow case, and my ears itched to no end. The last two or three days have been easier, but now I look ridiculous. My hair grows so darn fast that I've already had to trim them to make them even.

I suppose if this is the worst thing I have to deal with, then life isn't so bad, right?

*itch itch*


bit said...

Thank goodness I'm not the only one. You never see any photos of celebrities with sideburns, but I guess that's because they either remove them or retouch the photos or both. I have a love hate relationship with them. I'd just like to tweak them a little, but no matter what I do, it never looks natural, and if I shave them, it's hard to figure out where to stop (again, doesn't look organic). They don't look like guy sideburns, but they hide my earrings, and when I have a ponytail they curl and look like handlebars.

Lori said...

I have sideburns too.. there not like awful its just I have really dark hair so it looks kinda bad. i accually went to my friend for help and she said that it ment it was possible to grow a beard...i am kinda afraid that will happen now!!! 8(

Anonymous said...

i have sideburns but you just live with it. hide them and leave hair down. i waxed them and got spots. :s dont try that. i cut them with scissors. dont try that. to be honest i wish id lest them. ah well. its not the worst thing in the world is it. just forget about them.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh.. Today i was getting ready for work.. I have to put my hair up, and I thought my sideburns looked bad, so I cut them all the way off with scissors... I am really upset with myself now, because from the side, except for a ponytail... I look bald.... I hope they grow back soon... :'/