Friday, December 07, 2007

So much for "Have it Your Way"

Not only did I not "Have it my Way," I didn't get what I ordered my way. Thanks, Burger King.

How hard is it to make a plain cheeseburger? Meat, cheese, and the bun. Simple ingredients. I don't want your disgusting special-sauce-of-unknown-origin. I don't need your warm, fake ketchup. Meat, cheese, and the bun. No, hold the pickle. Keep your damn tomatoes off my food.

Perhaps it was the fact that I ordered two of these plain cheeseburgers that threw a wrench in the works. Heaven forbid I complicate things that much... but I tossed caution to the wind and ordered two burgers. With a single smallest portion of fries.

Oh no, you had to give me two extra-huge-mega-ginormous "Fry-Pods" full of cold, limp potato sticks. I can't complain much that you gave me so much extra food for free, but really now, that's some sloppy work. Next time, could you at least put them in the freezer to warm them up? Even put them outside in the rain for an hour to dry off first...

Burger King slaves, I know the orders become monotonous at times, but my order was pretty simple. You weren't busy. There were no lines of angry customers with which to place blame for your mistakes. You messed up. I didn't get my food My Way.

I'm almost sure I didn't even get my food. Bad form!

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