Sunday, December 23, 2007

When Teaching Meets Dancing

As if learning to dance were not enough, I've been teaching some too. For the last six weeks (a total of five one-hour lessons), I've helped a friend instruct about ten couples how to waltz and foxtrot. The experience has been challenging and truly special.

Some of you might remember that my college degree was in Science Education. I adore teaching, but after not being accepted to graduate school, I followed God's plan down a different path. I love my current job, and I am confident that, while teaching brings me great joy, it probably wasn't the right career for me. I have a well-rounded degree, and I can use it in a variety of fields. I have no regrets walking away from teaching science at this time.

When my friend asked me if I'd help him teach, I wasn't sure I would be much help. He said he just needed a girl to stand there and make him look good. Oh, I think I can do that. ;) So I went. We ended up meshing well together in teaching the waltz. My weaknesses in explaining footwork were accentuated by his technical lingo, and his apprehension and organizational skills were (hopefully) compensated by mine.

We held our last class today, and my friend made the "students" fill out course evaluation forms. While I nay-sayed the idea at first, the feedback was very much appreciated. Everyone seemed to like our teaching style and wants us to come back to teach more! YAY!

I love teaching. I love being in front of people, sharing my knowledge and information, and helping them learn something fun. My passion for dance amazes me at times, and being able to pass that on makes me feel very good. If my friend is asked to teach again, and if he asks me to help him again, I would be honored.

Of course, the extra money doesn't hurt... getting paid to dance is an awesome thing.

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