Thursday, December 06, 2007

"You don't have to understand here to be here."

In a slightly lighter mood today, I was able to smile my way through lunch with friends and actually enjoy myself. My own moments of zen are helping me understand myself better. At times, I actually stand back and realize just how unique and normal I am. Not sure which I wish to be more...

My friends like to joke that I'm all about my blog, or rather that I post too frequently or make a point of updating about mundane details. While I do enjoy posting and love comments, I still feel like the blog is an extension of my thought bubbles. It's the written-down memory warehouse (re: Dreamcatcher).

Lastly, before I close this randomosity, allow me to pour forth a bit of adoration. While I do stick to actors that I enjoy watching, few actors bring me as much joy to watch as Damian Lewis. His new TV show, Life, airs on NBC on Wednesday nights at 10pm. The writing is fantastic, and the story arcs, while not entirely original, are fun and realistic. Lewis created a character entirely his own... and I get a kick out of his moments of zen.

"You don't have to understand here to be here." --"Charlie Crews," Life

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