Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Apparently my eyes are "special."

I've been wearing contacts for six years, and I've always worn Acuvue2 lenses. I've had both the colored lenses and the normal clear ones. I've never had a problem with my eyes, and I can only think of three torn contacts on all six years. Contacts literally changed my perspective on the world, and I love them.

Two weeks ago, I went to visit my friendly eye doctor. He changed my prescription a tiny bit in one eye, no big deal. But instead of ordering through the office, I opted to order my lenses for half the cost online. AND I chose to get the Acuvue Advance lenses.


For all the extra cost and high-tech advances in the lenses, I can't see! My vision is worse with the Acuvue Advance lenses. I can still operate a computer, and I have driven with them, but it would take at least a full diopter for me to see clearly out of them. This is apparently a rare thing, and my eyes are "special" because they didn't take correctly to the "better" lenses. Additionally, the Acuvue Advance tear very easily. I'm one dissatisfied customer.

The plot thickens: When I ordered the Acuvue Advance lenses through the website, thinking I'd try something new, they faxed off a form for my eye doctor to sign indicating I'd ordered the correct lenses--and I hadn't. Because my eye doctor took longer than one business day to respond (which is only six hours with the time difference), the company shipped the wrong lenses to me. I wasn't prescribed the Acuvue Advance. I wasn't supposed to get anything but what I'd been prescribed: Acuvue2 lenses.

Because I've opened a few of the boxes, I might not be reimbursed for them. Excuse me for wanting to actually test out new contacts.

Bottom line: I'm not happy with Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear contact lenses. They tear easily, stick to my eyeball something awful, and dry out too quickly. I can't even see out of them clearly! UGH!

Good thing I have my glasses...

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