Monday, January 07, 2008

Comfort Food Bliss

I am not one to use food for comfort. I've seen what happens due to overeating, and I am not about to carry on the family tradition of a large, um, arse. People have kindly been giving my family food since Grandpa's death. We've acquired several hams, casseroles, and more cookies than I've ever seen at once in my life. Seriously. We're thankful for all the food and especially thankful for all of the thoughts and prayers.

My aunts were joking yesterday about the ham. My family will eat just about anything (we're German... we eat food and lots of it, especially if it's sugary, fatty, and goes straight to our hips). As much as we appreciate all the ham, my aunt said, we'd also be quite comforted by steak or prime rib. :) I know I would have been comforted by a cheesecake and some truffles myself... I don't aim to belittle the incredible generosity by family and friends for the meals--that's not my point. I am saying that we're all comforted by different things.

Tonight, after working all day, I came home and wanted to collapse. My cold is getting the best of me, and I'm tired, cranky, and want to do nothing more than curl up under a blanket with my box of Kleenexes. But I can't just lie around dwelling and being miserable. Even thought I don't find much comfort in a bowl or on a plate, I made one of my mom's family's best comfort foods: Milk Noodle Soup. The warm soup is helping me feel better, and I know I can definitely use the milkfats and calcium.

But the milk is also making my nose plug up more. It's worth it... healthy comfort food is worth the hips, thighs, stuffy noses... maybe that's my lesson for the day.

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