Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Edward Norton's Acting Makes Me Swoon

While my friends were all home visiting their parents for the holiday, I was home, alone, and very bored. I'd been wanting to see The Illusionist for quite a while, so I finally watched it. Thus began a two-week love affair with Edward Norton.

You want a biography or information about the actor? Search him out on the internet. I'm not some crazed fan out to create a whole website devoted to Mr. Norton. He's a fantastic actor, and I've enjoyed watching many of his films. Here are some of my own reviews:

In 1998, American History X premiered. I wasn't allowed to watch it as an 8th grader. Approximately two years ago, I sat down with my then-roommate and stuck it out. The movie is offensive, dark, depressing, and cruel. However, the content speaks very loudly (through Norton's portrayal of Derek Vinyard). Wonderful film, creative storytelling. Not something to watch if you want that uplifted feeling. NOT a movie for children. I need to add this to my collection. Five stars (four, but one extra because Norton's shirtless and hot for most of the movie).

Keeping the Faith, Norton's directorial debut, didn't spark much in me. The story primarily revolves around the other two main characters, interweaving an intelligent three-some sort of group friendship... you know what? I have no idea how to describe this movie. Funny at times, sad at others. Glad I watched this one on TV instead of renting it. Two brownie points (plus one for directing and dedicating it to his late mother).

25th Hour. What the heck was that? While the ending was interesting, the two hours leading up to that left me terribly confused and bored. Although, for the first time in a film, I actually felt sorry for the bad guy. The emotions this movie brings out of the viewer astounded me.

The Italian Job with Norton, Charlize Theron, and Mark Wahlberg. Oh, yeah, and car chases. This is one of my more favorite movies, and while I don't generally like remade movies, this movie rocks! Grab it off a bargain rack or if you can find it on sale. Four out of five stars.

Down in the Valley is quite possibly the most emotionally haunting film I've seen in years. Do not watch this film unless you're ready to get into a heavy storyline, want surprises around every corner, and don't mind feeling clueless the whole time. That said, the few lines of script in the film carry a deeper message than you realize at first, and the acting is phenomenal. I've adored David Morse for years, and for once, his character was true and believable from the get-go. I'm not sure if I liked it yet, but wow. What a piece of art! Four stars (minus one for Norton having a southern accent but claiming he's from South Dakota, where, I assure you, they do not have southern accents; plus one each for Norton and Morse playing the guitar in different scenes, and one more for the dancing clip).

The Illusionist was amazing. Wow. Go buy--skip the rental--buy this movie! You won't regret it. Beautiful story, great cinematography... the cast works great... and wow. *swoon*

The Painted Veil, Norton's 2006 romantic film with Naomi Watts. Interesting movie, although not one I'd buy. Small budget, filmed in cooperation with the China Film Bureau in China. Period piece set in the 1920's... costuming is superb, and I love the feel of the movie. Not sure Ms. Watts was the right female lead for the film. Three out of five stars (plus one for a nice shot of Norton's naked arse).

I've not yet seen Fight Club, Death to Smoochy, or Primal Fear. They're on my list for the next few trips to the video store. Before you label me some Edward Norton stalker or crazed fan, I must reiterate: I love his acting, not him. There is a huge difference.

But he does have great hands. I love his hands.


Anonymous said...

I think he's the best actor of his generation, no doubt about it. However, I've been a fan for years and years and through his philanthropic work and through interviews I can say he is also a really good person, not to mention how insanely sexy he is, SO, I will say I love his work and I adore him!!!

Jeff W said...

Fight club! Please watch it.

Anonymous said...

i own fight club. good movie!

death to smoochy is dumb. very, very, dumb!!